Monitoring and evaluation services for NPOs.
M&E services.
M&E services.
Customised data management and reporting systems and M&E framework development.

I am a Cape Town-based monitoring and evaluation (M&E) data consultant specialising in data management and reporting systems for non-profit organisations.

My passion is helping organisations collect meaningful data so that they can make informed decisions, report to donors and provide quality services to their beneficiaries.

I completed my Masters in Programme Evaluation at the University of Cape Town in 2009 and have worked with a variety of NPOs in the education, health, food-security and youth-development sectors. I’ve also taught quantitative data collection, statistics and data visualisation as part of the MPhil Monitoring and Evaluation Methods programme at Stellenbosch University.

My areas of expertise include the following:

  • Automated reporting dashboards in Google Data Studio
  • Data management in Google Sheets
  • M&E data collection tools
  • Paperless data collection using Google Forms
  • Infographics
  • Theory of change and logic modelling


On-site support to set up an M&E system

I work closely with each client to ensure that their M&E system meets their needs and is sustainable. I provide on-site support and capacity building during or after the development of the M&E system.

M&E data analysis and reporting

If you already have M&E data but need assistance with analysing and communicating your results, I create reader-friendly visual reports incorporating good practices for data visualisation, including infographics.

M&E workshops

I run organisation-based workshops that are customised to your M&E needs. Topics are listed below:

Theory of change
A programme’s theory of change (TOC) should be the foundation of any M&E system. The TOC communicates how programme activities lead to benefits (outcomes) for your target group. The development of a TOC is a great way to ensure that all programme staff are on the same page in terms of programme activities and outcomes and is an effective tool for communicating with potential donors about your programme.

Logic modelling and M&E frameworks
The development of a logic model allows an organisation to further define programme activities and outcomes and how they will be defined and measured. Outputs, indicators and sources of evidence are also defined during this process. A logic model forms the basis of the M&E framework. It is the document that will define your evaluation questions and guide your M&E data collection.

Best practices for development and administration of data collection tools
Designing great M&E data collection tools that link to your indicators of success is imperative for collecting useful and meaningful data. In this workshop, I cover best practices for designing great tools, including item development, formatting, and paperless options (such as Google Forms) for tool administration.

Data management in Google Sheets
You organisation’s data should be stored securely in a way that supports quality assurance, sharing and reporting of data. I train NPOs on features in Google Sheets that support these processes, including data validation, importing data across sheets, and development of dashboards.


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